Comic 132 - phone 5

3rd Nov 2010, 12:00 AM
phone 5
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mathias42 3rd Nov 2010, 9:26 AM edit delete
Now that Halloween is over, I'm catching up on comics. Green Lantern Corps 53 was REALLY good. I've been enjoying this title a great deal whenever it's not caught up in some company wide event like Sinstro war, blackest night, or some other crisis....
I'm glad Kyle is still around. He really deserves to be. I grew up with Hal Jordan, and I enjoyed him in the silver age, I even liked the brooding, gray haired version of the dark age. I don't care for this Hla Jordan that's come back from the dead thoguh. I don't recognize him, I don't like his personality. It's something a littel intangable, but he's lost something and the current hal is just hollow. He's not right. You know, they never wrote him like this when he would occassionally show up in Kyle's Green Lantern run, I don't get why it's happening now.

Anyhow, GLC really can be a fun book and this month's a great start to what promises to be an interesting storyline. If that's not enoguh for you, Kyle punches out Sinestro on the last page. The coing attraction blurb consists simply of the words "Next issue, Sinestro hits back."
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