Comic 133 - phone 6

5th Nov 2010, 12:00 AM
phone 6
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mathias42 5th Nov 2010, 3:41 AM edit delete
Seriously, what is with the JLA? in this month's cover alone I see Batman, but not BatmaT - rather the Dick Grayson batman so it's really Nightwing. I see Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) and Supergirl. I also see Jade.

This isn't the JLA, it's the Teen Titans.

I mean it. Dick and Donna were charter members. Jade was a contemorary on a comperint team (infinity Inc) back in the 80's, but joined the Titans later. Supergirl fits right in with these second generation heroes.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy the idea of second generation heroes. I followed Nightwing religiously (there's a joke in there but I don't think most of you will get it) in his own title. I really loved both Donna and Jade when they were characters in Green lantern (Don't get me started on the foolish editorial mandate to get rid of both of these characters from that title) and I think Wally west is a better Flash than Barry ever was.

The problem is they arn't the Justice league.

Nowher is this clearer than here, where they are fighting the Crime Syndicate - supposedly the JLA's evil counterparts. Where are analogs? there's no Superman to battle Ultraman. No Wonder Woman to fight SuperWoman. Not even a Green lantern to face Power Ring!

Gran Morrison got it. People want to see teh Worlds greatest heroes in the JLA. That means the big three, not to mention the second stingers like the Flash and Green lantern. Heck, even Brian Michael Bendis got this and resturctured the Avengers to include Spiderman and Wolverine (An unprecidented move. Never in 40 years had Spidey been a part of the Avengers...and yet, what an obvoious descision!)

I want to like DC again. but it's stuff like this that just makes me wonder why they simply don't get it.
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