Comic 182 - Vader vs. the Star Trek Universe

25th Feb 2011, 2:04 AM
Vader vs. the Star Trek Universe
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mathias42 25th Feb 2011, 2:04 AM edit delete
I can't hide my disdain for Enterprise. It just sends off a huge "Screw You" to much of the continuity established in the expanded universe....a continuity that no one at paramount was interested in exploring until prequels came into fashion and they ran out of ideas. Never mind that the idea of perhaps a Captian April series based on Diane Carey's novels would provide an already established fanbase and a preconfigured springboard...

Moreover, it really didn't have enough story built in to sustain a full fledged series like this. I said at the time this was a bad move. If they had perhaps tried it as a couple of made-for-TV movies every year, just enough to keep fans interested and make them hungry for more, this could have been successful.

Perhaps I'm asking too much. Both of the production company, for whom it's just gotten to easy, and for the fans who refuse to demand quality for their entertainment dollar.

By the way, Myself, Mike Brown and Madeline Skelly all appear today over at "Whose Line is it anywhoo"
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