Comic 197 - Homophobic squrriel

1st Apr 2011, 2:53 AM
Homophobic squrriel
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mathias42 1st Apr 2011, 4:05 AM edit delete
Besides the fact that it's a buzz word, and usually just used as a tool to shut down debate (dosen't even have to be a debate that involves homosexuality - in fact it's usually not) this word bugs me just because it's so poorly constructed. it's an english abomination, much like the word "ain't". If you must have a hot button word, why couldn't it be more accurate? A "Pro" or "Con" prefix would be infinately preferable. We could also address the "Phobic" aspect; I know very few people who are actually scared of Homosexuals. There's disagreement, perhaps revulsion when thinking about the actuall sex, but not fear. Not like being scared of seeing a clown coming out of your closet at midnight....

Unless it's a gay clown. Then "Homophobic" is perfectly acceptable.
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