Comic 321 - Ponies

16th Jan 2012, 7:00 AM
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mathias42 16th Jan 2012, 7:00 AM edit delete
I know MLP isn't really popular on my webhost Comic Fury, and to be fair I don't consider myself a brony (Male fan of MLP). I do however watch it with my two little girls (Maddie 5 and Lydia 4) and think it's a fun show. It's fast, kinetic and BENT. I've seen a couple of the classic MLP shows and they're bland anbd boring. Friendship is Magic has the benifit of actually creating personailties and devloping them in the main poinies. It was developed by Laruen Faust, the mind behind the Power Puff Girls and that explains a lot to me about it's appeal. Still, I don't know how guys are discovering this show without having kids around....
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Well, I'd have to say it's mainly the Lauren Faust fans who are discovering it. I actually didn't know who Lauren Faust was until someone mentioned PG. I actually watched it because I was really looking for a children's show to watch and everything else just didn't seem to cut it. I had no clue as to what was in the show and I personally wanted to watch a girls show since I'm finally on my own without someone piping up with that fact. This and not knowing where I want to be writing wise.

Now I'm fully accepting of the will to wearing glittering streamers in my hair and wear frilly sashes.

And yeah, I'll also admit there's a horrid bit of shallow anti-culture coolness that sprang up since the 4chan boards were supposedly fuming that people were making meme's with it in contrast to the boards usual duty of racism, edgy stupidity or whatever goes on there. So yeah, there is a bit of a whorish reason why there are folks finding out.
mathias42 16th Jan 2012, 3:45 PM edit delete reply
I can see that. I do love me some pony Meme. Especially if it invloves Pinkie Pie and Deadpool.
My wife makes fun of me for knowing the ponies names, but I point out I also know the names of the characters in Spongebob and the plot of Phineias and Pherb. Watching what your kids watch is just parenting. I might have taken it a bit too far with the Pony hats I made the girls for Christmas though (pictures below).
I also wanted to take a moment to plug the webcomic "Friendship is Dragons" which takes a "Darths and Droids" approach to the series, pretending it's an RPG campaign, told through the POV of the players.
And now, pony hats.

By the way Joke, your avatar wouldn't happen to be from the Puppet monster massacre would it?
Those are awesome, and you are an awesome parent. The friendship is dragons isn't my kind of comic really. I should probably give it a bigger chance but what I've seen hasn't really interested me.

Fun fact: Another forum I go to has a metal baroness bouncer who is a fan of the show, as well as her boyfriend. She can't wear any ponies unless she wants to make her job harder though.

My avatar is the Billy Idol muppet from Sesame Street. I'm torn between Rebel L and Born To Add as my favorite songs, but I chose Billy since I'm a huge punk fan. I've been getting really into kids shows parodying mature content. but especially Sesame Street since they don't even take their parodies seriously as well as subtley mocking the very content of the songs.
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