Comic 435 - Facebooked

5th Oct 2012, 8:00 AM
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mathias42 5th Oct 2012, 8:00 AM edit delete
My wife posted a picture of our daughter after surgery. Maddie was hurt and kind of crying.

The picture kept getting "likes". FB really needs additional options there. Don't you think?
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LooeyQ 5th Oct 2012, 9:37 AM edit delete reply
FB is one messed up place!
RG2Cents 5th Oct 2012, 12:38 PM edit delete reply
I've seen that sort of thing on FB, myself. Folks can mean well when they hit the 'like' button, but it does sometimes seem inappropriate. Some more options would be great! They need a 'sympathize' button or somethin'...

BTW, your comic really hits the point, man!
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