Comic 449 - The God question

7th Nov 2012, 7:09 AM
The God question
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mathias42 8th Nov 2012, 11:37 AM edit delete
Akron Comicon This weekend!

I just heard about these guys on Facebook and I’m interested in going. The thing is, I just drove out to Akron for a comic con that featured Gerry Conway a couple of months ago and well….we all remember what happened there….. ( )

These guys made it CLEAR they weren’t associated with those guys and really, I want those spidey comics signed. The wife and kids are going away for the weekend and I’m alone at home anyhow, so it’s providential timing . Gonna load up the iPod and hit the road again. We’ll tell you all about it next week (if I can tear myself away from Violent Blue and my NaNoWrMo project long enough to blog….)

Check them out at
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