Comic 502 - The Doom Solution

11th Mar 2013, 7:40 AM
The Doom Solution
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mathias42 11th Mar 2013, 7:40 AM edit delete
Oh my GOD that was such a lot of build up for such a dumb gag.

Really though, the gag wasn't the main reason I wanted to draw this out. The topic of discussion last time at Pop!(a comic club - )was Doctor Doom. One of the ideas Marc and Jason threw out there was "Since he seems to have done batle with just about EVERYONE in the Marvel universe, who would you like to see Doom fight?"
There were a lot of answers. Deadpool was a predictable answer, but it was almost immediately preceded by Deathstroke. I really like the idea of Deathstroke vs. Doom, but at the same time I found myself thinking how funny it would be if someone tried to hire Deathstroke for this job and got Deadpool instead. That's one of those things that, once it gets in your head, you have to draw it out. You just have to.

I'm breaking both rules and good taste by using four drastically different styles here. It's mostly done in an effort just to get the bloody thing completed. I fully intended to draw out the mob characters, but kept putting it off and putting it off and realized if I was going to get this done I'd have to cheat it a bit. The moody look works and is rally what I wanted, but I'll cop to it - that's a photoshop manip of actual photos. It's cheating, but if I hadn't I don't know if this thing ever would have gotten done. Deadpool and doom are of course done by hand in my more comic book dynamic style. I thought about coloring it, but this comic is already too big and has taken too long as it is. forget it. We supposedly dream in black and white and that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. The castle is a 3d render done in Bryce 3d. I've been using this software for over a decade now and it's great for lower rez CG. I'm not making Jurassic park looking dinosaurs, but for a quick terrain, sky or building it's dynamite. At least we ended back to the typical cartoonish style we're used to in Violent Blue.

Is this the longest strip I've ever done? Definitely in the top 5.
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