Comic 99 - The G Word

16th Aug 2010, 12:40 AM
The G Word
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mathias42 16th Aug 2010, 12:40 AM edit delete
The whole Dr. Laura thing got me thinking about this recently. I really hate this kind of stuff. I hear tons of people in my industry refer to themselves as Geeks and it angers me every time. Claiming the word as you own dosen't make it any less hatefull that the cheerleader in High school called you that.It dosen't redeem the word or empower you. If you find a word offensive, I think you shoudn't use it. That goes just as much for Richard Pryor using the N word, Christians that identify themselves as "Jesus Freaks" or gay people referring to each other as "fags".
Moreover, the idea that this is "our" word just promotes further intolorance and widens the gap between "us" and "Them". I am not a Geek because I'm in IT. I'm not a geek because I like film, nor because I read books or comics. In fact, those intrests let me releate to my clients in far more effective ways than just coming in and telling them that their TCP IP stack has corrupted. If we want to break down barriers, we need to stop the hate ON BOTH SIDES. A good way to start that is to stop using hurtful words and pretending that they are empowering.

By the way, if you want me to repair you computer, you had SERIOUSLY BETTER NOT refer to me as a geek.
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