What is this?

Violent Blue is a Humor comic with an overreaching story arc. We are a gag-a-day format, though we do run occasional story lines that last a while; a week, two weeks, mabey a month. I cover topics I find interesting; Pop culture, "B" movies, comics and other things.

How long has this been going on?

The site went live for testing purposes sometime in October 2009. At the time it displayed a single comic, with our squirrel character looking out and asking "Is anyone out there?". The series officially began January 1st 2010.

How long to you intend to do this series?

I believe the best stories have a defined begining, middle and end. Violent Blue has one overriding theme, made up of dozens of shorter storylines. As it stands, Violent Blue is plotted along a fou ryear plan, with an epilogue afterwards that will last untill I get tired of it.

Like the rest of life, nothing is certian. The plan could change, but this is what was intended from the start.

How often do you post new comics?

I post a new strip every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also try to post a comment on each one. What time it gets posted depends on how busy I get or wether or not I just forget smiley. I haven't missed a day yet....

How do you create you comics?

I use a formula I have always believed works best in comedy, jokes, a pretty girl and a smart mouthed puppet. (It worked for Alf, Sabrina, Unhappily after ever and a bunch of others!)

Stories are usually 75% true. I heard someone say it, I said it or I wish I had said it. James Harriot used the same method.

Art is done with a pencil and paper, then inked, then scaned and cleaned up in Adobe Photoshop. It is then edited by a squirrel with a taser and uploaded to Comic Fury for you consumption.

Are the characters based on anyone?

Not exactly. You can't point to Taylor and say "He's based on Kevin Quick" or Chloe and say "She's definately Amy Skelly!" (thank God. If I were married to Chloe I'd have already gone totally Mel Gibson on her....) Each character is a composite. I take bits and pieces of diffrent people and scrunch them all into one character. One week Steve may be doing something that happened to me, then the next week he's in a situation that Madeline went through. No one person is based on any other one person.

Except Acid T. Squirrel. He's totally based on the mean squirrel down in Flordia, only my Acid has a cuter nose.

Does Acid really talk or is it just Taylor's imaginiation?

Acid does in fact, speak audible english with a static Americian accent. This was confirmed starting in strip 129 and 131 when we see him talk into a cell phone, AND recieve a response. The fact that Taylor is the only character we ever see him talk to on screen is simply Acid's choice - mostly to frustrate him.

We don't know why Acid can talk and reason like a human being; but I do have a guess. We'll explore that issue in year five.

Does Taylor own the comic shop or just work at it?

I'm not sure. I'd actually like to hear from more readers on this question before I post an absolute answer.

That last comic wasn't very funny. I thought this was a humor comic!

I reserve the right to get dramatic as I choose. I'll try not to abuse it.

Easter Eggs

I'm a big fan of easter eggs, visual gags and subtle stuff shoved in the background of cartoons and movies. Keep an eye out and you might find some things like that here.

Names almost always mean something.

Where did you get the name for the series? What does it refer to?

Google is your friend. Do some research. Names almost always mean something.

Why don't you have a forum?

I used to do bulletin boards a lot, but then someone over at He-Man.org honked me off and I quit hainging around boards (I know, I'm a wuss to whine about getting my feelings hurt on the internet! Still some things just arn't called for) There are plenty of other great bulletin boards around, and I'll be happy to talk to you in a thread in any those. If I start to see some real intrest in a forum, I look into creating one.

Are you religious or something?

Yes, but you don't have to be a believer in anything to enjoy the comic. It's part of my life, so it's going to show up.  Frank Miller and Kevin Smith get away with it. So can I!

You seem awfully hard on the Church.

I'm hard on the Church in real life too. Far too often we let Aesthetic issues become theological ones. When doctrine gets in the way of cooperation with other churches to reach out, when tradition gets in the way of love, when legalisim clashes with what the Bible says, we have failed to do what Jesus wants us to do. I'm guilty of it too, but I'm trying to do better.

There are going to be some religious people who won't like what they read here. My response to them is simple: Stop giving me material. You stop embarassing me, and I'll stop embarassing you. (I can't WAIT to get banned by Westboro Baptist! Could someone do me a favor and report me to them?)

Who are your influences?

Check the links page. A lot of them are there. They arn't all pretty.



This page will be updated as necessary (or when I get some time to make some decent graphics for it)